Live the suite life at brand-new Atwell Suites and Hotel Indigo in Brickell

Miami is a prime vacation destination, mainly for the world class restaurants, hotels and beaches. Joining the ranks of luxury hotels is the brand-new Atwell Suites and Hotel Indigo in Brickell. It’s the first ever Atwell hotel in the world! You get two hotels in one and really live the high life. We got to check them out during their grand opening.

Now this is the suite life.

Here at the brand-new Atwell Suites and Hotel Indigo, you don’t just get one hotel, you get two and enjoy the best of both.

Karen Gilbride: “In this property that we have the dual brand with the Hotel Indigo, guests have everything they want. They got a rooftop bar here at the Atwell Suites side, a fantastic bar down at the Hotel Indigo side, and also a restaurant, pool. “

Mosaico on the first floor is one of two bars on the property.

Carol Heller: “So Mosaico has everything from breakfast to dinner, a vibrant bar, so everything from a specialty cocktail that has local ingredients. “

Including their signature old-fashioned and Moscow mule, or head up to the rooftop for something more low-key.

Karen Gilbride: “They have a refreshment area, and then we have a great offer on our public spaces where we have light bites, ready-to-drink cocktails, and beer and wine.”

Or get some work done in comfort.

Karen Gilbride: “At this property particularly, guests can have either a studio or one-bedroom where they can enjoy views, and they’ve got great spaces to either work – we’ve seen a lot of guests who stay here that want do a little bit of fun in Miami and a little bit of work.”

Carol Heller: “In each room, in all the Hotel Indigo rooms, we have hard surface flooring with area rugs, a very residential feel with a very spa-inspired bathroom. Here you see a lot of the vibrant colors of Miami and Brickell.”

You’ll feel right at home, and the views will make it hard for you to leave.

David Calandro: “The favorite part of my stay here so far has been the view. Even just walking into my room and just seeing the ocean and downtown all in one big panorama was just incredible.”

Whether you’re staying for business or pleasure, you’ll be sure to get a feel of the city.

Carol Heller: “Every detail, from the food and beverage, to the uniforms, to the design, brings back that story that’s all about the neighborhood. We strive to make the locals and the neighborhood proud of how our hotels celebrate where they live.”

Rooms start at $160 per night.


Atwell Suites Miami Brickell
145 SW 11th St.
Miami, FL 33130

Hotel Indigo Miami Brickell, an IHG Hotel
145 SW 11th St., Bldg. 1
Miami, FL 33130

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