Colorado member of all-Black climbing crew reaches summit of Mt. Everest

DENVER (KDVR) — Two of three Coloradans on the all-Black climbing team on Mount Everest have made it to the top.

“I just got to hear from him yesterday while they are at base camp, which was wonderful after not hearing from him while they were up high,” Anna Taylor, the wife of climbing crewmember Eddie Taylor said.  

Taylor was part of the first all-Black team in history to make it up the world’s highest mountain. As of Friday night, eight of the 11 members plus eight Sherpas made it to the top.

Colorado climbers among first all-Black team summiting Everest

“I think that’s what convinced him to do this, Everest was never on his sights before this,” Anna said.

Taylor is a science teacher and track coach at Centaurus High School in Lafayette. Back here in Colorado his wife, who is also a teacher, shared with FOX31 and Channel 2 how proud she is of her husband.

“Being part of this historic trip was so important to him and why he put so much work into it over the last year,” Anna said.

According to Alan Arnette, the summit team included Manoah Ainuu, Frederick Campbell, Abby Dione, Eddie Taylor, Saal, James Kagambi, Desmond Mullins and Thomas Moore.

“I think he will be looking forward to his first pizza when he gets back,” Anna said.  

Philip Henderson is the leader of the team and he along with Eddie Taylor and Thomas Moore are from Colorado.

“It’s kind of a constant process getting your body, lungs and mind ready for it,” Anna said.  

The Full Circle Everest leader, Henderson, shared: “I am deeply honored to report that seven members of the Full Circle Everest team reached the summit on May 12. While a few members, including myself, did not summit, all members of the climb and Sherpa teams have safely returned to Base Camp where we will celebrate this historic moment!” 

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According to the group’s press release, Sherpas assisting the group made the historic climb possible:

Descended from Tibetan heritage, the Sherpa community are an ethnic group, indigenous to the Himalayan region. Every year, Sherpa climbing guides help hundreds of mountaineers up Everest. The Full Circle Everest team was supported by Sherpa guides and could not have made this historic climb without the guidance of the following Sherpa:

Pasang Nima SherpaLhakpa Sonam SherpaPhurtemba SherpaDawa Chhiri Sherpa Sonam Gaylje SherpaNima Nuru SherpaChopal Sherpachawang Lhendup SherpaTasha Gyalje SherpaAmrit AlePemba Sherpa (camera crew)Nawang Tenji Sherpa (camera crew)

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