From Peng Shuai to Kyle Beach, is sports ready to deal with the skeletons in its closet?

In today’s Big Story podcast, in 70 days, the Winter Olympics will open in China. Probably, everything will proceed as though it’s a normal games. But maybe not. For the first time, many athletes have been speaking out against China for silencing — or even disappearing — tennis player Peng Shuai after she made an allegation of sexual assault against a prominent Chinese politician.

Meanwhile, the NHL is grappling with the fallout of a sex abuse scandal of its own. The NFL is confronting what appears to be years of racism and sexism from one of its most prominent coaches, and anti-vax rhetoric from its reigning MVP. Fans might still enjoy the spectacle, but it’s clear the ugly underbelly of the games are increasingly on full display. The question is, will anyone do anything about it? Or does money still talk too loudly?

GUEST: Donnovan Bennett, Sportsnet

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