Turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into brand new meals

The calendar says Thanksgiving is one day, but calendars lie!

We know it’s more of a week-long celebration if you stretch out your leftovers just right, but you can also make them look deliciously new.

How do you turn a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers from this, into this? Personal Chef Aaron Dreilinger knows the secret.

Chef Aaron Dreilinger: “It’s to keep an open mind and be creative and think about the flavors, not over-complicate them. Let them speak for themselves.”

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with slapping some turkey between two slices of bread and calling it heaven, but not only does your dish have to taste good, it has to look good, too.

Chef Aaron Dreilinger: “Make them pretty. Make it beautiful, because that’s the way to really spice it up, to make it gorgeous.”

This re-working of leftovers is called Turkey Arancini.

Chef Aaron Dreilinger: “It’s an Italian dish that’s traditionally stuffed risotto with some kind of meat inside. Today, It’s a mashed potato arancini stuffed with roasted turkey over warmed-up cranberry relish.”

We’re basically talking mashed potato balls stuffed with diced turkey.

You coat them with flour, egg wash and bread crumbs and deep fry them.

Two minutes later and bang — Turkey Arancini.

Now, about the cranberries.

First, you’ve got to heat them up.

Chef Aaron Dreilinger: “It gets a little bit of the jelly kind of going and we’re gonna plate with it.”

Put the arancini over a luscious line of cranberry sauce and you are done.

Don’t be surprised if your friends and family call you a culinary genius.

Chef Aaron Dreilinger: “Taking another dish and turning it into something else is a challenge and this is a fun kind of mystery basket.”

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