Herb Howard discusses a weird week for the Bears on WGN News Now Sports Talk & “The 9-Yard Line’

CHICAGO – Dealing with unusual things is part of covering a team that is stuck in a major slump and maybe on the verge of some major changes.

But a report that Matt Nagy might get fired after Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day game with the Lions has turned things up a notch the past 24 hours. Denials have come from the head coach, the players has publically expressed support, yet nothing has been heard from management other than a few reports.

Herb Howard of The Bigs was there on Tuesday when the report surfaced as he talked to a Nagy and a few players during that afternoon. He joined WGN News Now Sports Talk and “The 9-Yard Line” to discuss his feelings on that & other topics on the team that’s trying to snap a five-game losing streak in Detroit.

You can watch his interview with Larry Hawley in the video above.

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