Allina’s Buffalo Clinic Reopens With Renovations Months After Deadly Shooting

BUFFALO, Minn. (WCCO) — On Monday, a Minnesota clinic at the center of a deadly shooting will reopen its doors as a place of healing.

A gunman opened fire in the Allina Clinic in Buffalo in February. One woman died and four other people were hurt.

Gregory Ulrich is charged with second-degree murder, attempted murder and setting off explosive devices in the attack.

The clinic has been renovated ahead of welcoming patients back. Employees and community members donated thousands of dollars to help the clinic’s victims and their families.

(credit: CBS)

Among the new additions: a buffalo statue outside the clinic. It was funded solely off donations from the community, and Allina staff said that they really love the statue because to them it represents their gratitude for the community and the support they have felt since the tragic shooting.

The inside of the clinic was renovated to repair all of the damage, and sports an updated and improved security system.

There is also a memorial for Lindsey Overbay, who was killed in the attack, and tributes to the survivors. They’ve invested in space throughout the clinic to help any staff members who may be experiencing PTSD as they return to work.

“We set aside one suite of exam rooms just for people to have private time or talk with a therapist, whatever they might want to do, so that’s been available the whole time and will continue to be,” Director of Regional Clinic Operations Carmen Ylitalo said.

The clinic’s entire staff has returned to work after this tragedy. Some survivors are still recovering and on leave, but everyone who was able to returned.

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